Who is Kathy Manning?

Greensboro Global Academy Scandal: An In-Depth Report.
How Rep Kathy Manning (NC District 6) and her family are involved in the corruption scandal for 20+ years.

Greensboro Global Academy Scandal: An In-Depth Report

Read the Greensboro Global Academy Scandal Factsheet & Timeline at this LINK HERE

The people of North Carolina are paying the Chinese Communist Party tens of millions of dollars to house Mexican nationals and other illegal immigrants in Greensboro, North Carolina. This situation is a direct byproduct of a series of administrative failures, undisclosed and obfuscated backroom dealings, and influential relationships which all revolve around Rep. Kathy Manning.

Regardless of the academy’s designs, Rep. Manning’s heavy social and philanthropic involvement with the Jewish community in general and GGA, in particular, would have exposed her to the school’s operations from multiple sources, especially the multiple other board appointments she shared with several members of the academy’s board. She is directly related to others and worked on adjacent projects with still more. These relationships go back decades, have multiple points of intersection, and involve multiple millions of dollars. Any notion that Rep. Manning was unaware of the school’s fiscal hemorrhaging is highly unlikely. As the timeline suggests, it is far more likely that Rep. Manning’s involvement came at the direct request of those connections facing default on the loans Puxin held on their multi-decade investment.

Get the facts. Know who you might be voting for. Know how Rep Kathy Manning and her family have been involved in this scandal for many years! Read the Greensboro Global Academy Scandal Factsheet & Timeline at: The Truth About The Greensboro Global Academy and Rep Kathy Manning

Who is Supporting Kathy Manning? and Who EXACTLY is Kathy Manning? Get the FACTS!

(1) What do NC-06 and CA-17 (Silicon Valley) have in common? Their current representatives have 100% shared trade history the last few months, and portfolio growth four times the national average. Rep. Manning turning Carolina into California while she makes a buck. Get the FACTS and know who is Represening NC District 6 and how Rep Kathy Mannings BIG investiments at Congress Capital Trades

(2) Kathy Manning never hesitates to push policies that require major tax hikes. Maybe because her money is kept in an offshore tax shelter. Get the FACTS Manning has $1 million in Cayman Islands-based fund

(3) More unfair play from Kathy Manning. Easier to make money in the stock market if you don’t get caught up in all those pesky legalities. Get the FACTS at FACT - Foundation For Accountability and Civil Trust

(4) Kathy Manning and husband Randall Kaplan huge Clinton supporters, Hosted 2015 Hillary fund raiser, Out of state donors support her, Misleading ads. Get the FACTS at Citizen WEIIs News

(5) ‘Tax the Rich’? North Carolina Democrat Kathy Manning and husband Randall Kaplan Stash More Than $1 Million in Cayman Islands Fund. See what do Kathy and her husband do with all their $ Millions? Facts you need to know about liberal congresswoman Kathy Manning. Time to send her home and put an honest man in NC District 6. Christian Castelli needs to be our next US Congressman. Get the FACTS about Kathy Manning and her husband as they have big money in an offshore tax haven through her husband's trust.

Kathy Manning can NOT be trusted! Once she said she would never support the far-left agenda and after being elected she now supports the squad and Nancy Pelosi. She can not be trusted in North Carolina to represent us in NC Congress District 6. Watch this WXII News Interview

Don't allow Kathy Manning, one of the most powerful Democratic donors, and her political friends like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters stay in Washington DC. We need common-sense conservative values leading our country.